Emerald Behavioral Services

Client Intake Process

Welcome to Emerald Behavioral Services!

We are thrilled to assist you with our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. To ensure we provide the best possible care tailored to your needs, we have a structured intake process. Here’s how it works:

01 Benefits Verification

Fill out the intake form and submit the required documentation. EBS will contact your insurance to verify your benefits, coverage, and estimated out-of-pocket costs (if any). This process typically takes 5-7 business days.

02 Assessment Authorization

EBS will call your insurance provider to request authorization for an initial ABA assessment. Assessments approvals can take 7-10 business days.

03 Initial Assessment

After receiving your assessment authorization we will schedule a visit to conduct the assessment by one of our BCBAs.

04 ABA Services Authorization

After the initial assessment is conducted and a BCBA is assigned an individualized treatment plan will be developed. Once the treatment is completed we will schedule an appointment with you to go over the results and treatment plan.

05 Scheduling

You will be contacted by our scheduling department to discuss availability.

06 First Session

You will be contacted to formally be introduced to your team that will be working with your child.

Domains Addressed in ABA therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a natural science that studies functional relations between behavior and environmental events (Cooper, 2007). In other words, it studies how the environment impacts behavior change. It focuses on observable and measurable behavior. The discipline aims to help individuals meet long-term outcomes so that they are more independent in life.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Pinpointing Behaviors For Increase (Skill Acquisition)

Pinpointing Behaviors For Decrease (Behavior Reduction)

Measurable and Observable Goals

Evidence-based Strategies and Interventions

Ongoing Data Analysis and Treatment Modifications